We All Speak Hair….

Today I came back to work after arriving home from Beverly Hills California.   I was invited by my favorite fellow entrepreneur Jessica from Bombshell Beauty Bar to join her for the J. Beverly Hills Global 2019 New World Hair Show for a few days of fun and education.  Did I mention how easy it is to have fun in Hollywood??

I want to tell you about Stefano Bugada (@thereal_bugada) He and Emiliano Fratarcang (@emiliano. fratarcangeli) taught a Hands-On class we took which included two haircuts, three epic texturizing techniques and a colour application which was amazing.  I am big on education and I believe one should never stop learning.  The thing that was as unique as the techniques themselves was the fact that Stefano literally did not speak English.  My thoughts were: “How is this going to happen?” I do not understand ANY Italian! It turns out we all speak Hair! Help from his lovely team including Emiliano and others from the J. Beverly Hills helped the class along but at the end of the day it was the ability to relate over the love of education and hair.  It leaves me thinking that the coolest experience I have had in a while that deals with humans being open and loving to make things happen was taking this class.  The teacher taught so well because it was his mission to get the participants to love what they were learning, and it helped. After my inspiring days with J. Beverly Hills I came to work today and taught the haircut to my two newest students.  I thought if I could learn it without speaking Italian, my students could learn it from me, and they did amazing!!  They were so proud when I said I had learned the haircut the day before from amazing Platform Artists from Italy.  My students were inspired because I was.  Today I decided that I would look for inspiration in every client, from my students and from other Stylists’ who love to share what they know however they can with enthusiasm.  After all, hair is a beautiful language when spoken with love. 


Putting the unicorn to pasture for the summer....

Has the sun and saltwater already taken the unicorn out of your hair? Are you wondering where to go now that the magical colours have faded or washed away leaving your hair looking not so magical anymore?

You’re not alone.  The process it takes to get your hair to the fun colours we love so much can leave the hair with some dry ends at best.  Many have enough breakage on top to leave you running to your stylist for a pixie cut.  This is where the latest trend comes in: The Mullet-Shag!!!! You will see a lot of super cropped looks this summer which look somewhere between a shag and the infamous mullet combined to create a look that is longer in the bottom than top.  Before you judge; this is not your 1986 mullet or your 1970 shag; it’s the modern version.  It’s fun and somewhat cheeky.... for the modern-day fashion forward, who are not afraid to let their stylist be creative.  It’s creating a style around all the damage and split ends left behind by that damn unicorn that loved ya and left ya behind sooner than you may have been willing to let go. When you’re not ready to go pixy you don’t have to.   These looks can be the best of both worlds.... Are you willing to wear the Mullet- shag?


Ready, Set, Shoot!!

FHTC has been downtown for a year now and one of the highlights has been getting to know some of our talented neighbors.   When Nazir Ali of Proper Hair Lounge in Yaletown came by to say hello, we made fast friends.  When you look at his Instagram (@HairbyNazir) you see that he has a love for hair and the industry.  It also becomes obvious that he loves to share that love.

I saw photos from a photo shoot Nazir did with Vancouver Photographer Doris Thompson (@DorisThompsoPhotography) and the wonderfully talented Vancouver Make Up Artist Sharon Chen (mua.sharon_ca) and asked him if he would like to shoot at FHTC.  I knew it would be fascinating for the students to see what takes place behind the scenes of a shoot.  He was so open that we set a date and it was “Ready, set, action”!

The Make Up Artist, the Photographer, the Stylist and the Models came as ready as Nazir was.  The entire day was spent setting, dressing and styling the two models he chose with great skill.  It was so fun and exciting for the FHTC team to watch and participate.  These days are so inspiring and full of energy.  It is important to remain inspired in your job.  The photo shoot with Nazir is perfect for this. 

At the end of the day my favorite part of it all is CULTURE!  I am so grateful that Nazir came by and that we were both open enough to let our teams unite!! In a time where everyone is in love with their phone it was so epic that students, staff and friends came together for a few photos and a lot of laughs.  It always starts a little uncomfortable and stiff, but after a little time together the synergy between the models, photographer, make up artist and stylist was nothing but ease.  Nazir and his team may have much experience with this but came to FHTC with zero ego and a million ideas that fired out like cannons of color, fashion and collaboration.  I cannot wait until the next shoot.  This time, I, too will have a model.  Perhaps my model should, be YOU??  We can unleash the fashionista that you have inside all ready to roll……


Not your grandmas perm

People have been asking about the “Beachy Waves”   I would love to clarify a few things about these beachy waves that you may not know! You may have FINE HAIR, you may have COARSE and or THICK HAIR.  It’s not all the same so here are some tips for ya:

It is easy to achieve a “natural”, “tousled”, “beachy” or “sexy” wave on fine hair.  I encourage you to have layers, these layers do not have to be extreme but are vital to the movement that makes the waves so “flowy”. It may include using hot tools such as curling irons or a round brush while blow drying or if that’s not your thing it can be created with a gentle body perm that may require some “scrunching” or encouragement.   This does not have to be a big deal if you don’t make it one. Perms these days are gentle and do not have to include ammonia or cause the damage your mother or grandmother’s perms did.  

If you have thick straight or coarse straight hair it starts with the haircut!!  Get layers, stop “thinning” the hair and get some soft layering with a body wave away from the scalp area.  If you are a thick haired person that had a perm in the 80’s or 90’s don't worry, things have changed.  Both in the perm itself as well as the way a Stylist goes about it.  Another great tip for thick coarse hair is to consider smoothing systems or ionizing the ends and or mid-shaft to create a “thinner” texture.

Come by FHTC for a consultation on what would suit your hair type. While you’re there don’t forget to  check out  the variety of Kevin Murphy and Eleven products including Killer Curls and Texture Spray for maintenance of these styles.



The highlights this year were monumental, significant and a wild ride, at times!!   The opportunity to become a Kevin Murphy’s Concept School in Vancouver was one of the first big things and after much consideration and many meetings I decided to go for it!! This was an honor that I could not miss out on for FHTC, the staff, client experience and most of all student experience!

 The demolition notice was a shocker, given five months to sort out a business and move in the city of Vancouver can be onerous for a small business owner even with over 25 years in business.  The decision to move downtown to a much larger space to accommodate the expansion has allowed us to have a beautiful beauty room, larger salon and my not so little office space is important to me, as is good closet(s) at home.  Like everything, it has its ups and downs but over all 1259 Granville is a pretty awesome space.  Students, Staff and clients new and loyal have spoken highly of what has been achieved in a small amount of time.

  About that time….it is true what they say, it flies; not limited to when having fun either, it simply flies all the time.  With 2018 in the rearview mirror, it was the end of it that was sweet.  To be nominated was a privilege but to be awarded “The Best Training Academy in British Columbia” was a remarkable achievement for FHTC.  With the two largest competitors in the same category I was not expecting this victory.  It was not only my victory to have been awarded this either.  It is every person that walks into FHTC on a regular basis.  It is the clients that come regular and some not so regular, but they come, and they laugh and tell stories and become a part of the culture.  Speaking of culture; it’s about the Instructors.  Both Laila and Yves bring such amazing art into the space that they create using their hands, paint and canvas.  People love to come see their art. They have even inspired me to hang a few of my own at The Centre! Granville Street is not always pleasant but FHTC has become a little gem in an area that is somewhat sketchy on one side and high end on the other…. it’s downtown Vancouver!!  We embrace our neighbors and our neighborhood. 

Of course, winning is also about the students.  Every year different, every group leaves a plethora of memories behind for us.  We have an eclectic, diverse, creative, artistic and fun groups. They learn from the instructors in an environment that is open, friendly and supportive to their needs.  We are all winners.  We all contribute to something that is real and honest and inclusive. That was one busy year.  Not sure what this one has in store.  If you are reading this, it is with thanks that YOU are a part of our award-winning team as well…. We are all winners!!    All the best in 2019 and forever 😊 xo, Cynthia

Frequently Asked Questions

Recently, I was inspired to answer some frequently asked questions by students, clients, and colleagues. Do you ever find yourself with beauty questions or wanting to seek advice without leaving the comfort of home? I remember reading Dear Abby when I was younger and always admiring her gift of gab. I’ve been told over the years I have that gift myself. So here it is: I will feature a question every week. Being a creative individual I decided to answer them with video footage as well. I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject! It can be a way to connect and share tips. I hope you will join me!

My Day Trip to Whistler

I had an amazing day trip to Whistler recently! I hadn’t been to Whistler in a while due to the stress from the drive on the Sea to Sky Highway, and I don’t have snow tires because I don’t bother to drive when it snows. However, I had been hearing a lot of good things about The Scandinave Spa for so long and really wanted to check it out. I found an easy and affordable solution to checking out Whistler for the day without the stress of driving! I did my research and found that the Epic Bus would be the best option. I boarded the bus at the Hyatt Regent Hotel downtown Vancouver at ten in the morning.  The earliest option to leave was 8 o’clock so I pre-booked leaving Vancouver at ten, and arriving in Whistler at noon. Then, I pre-booked my ride to leave Whistler at seven and be home by nine in the evening.

 The ride there was simply breathtaking.  The Epic Bus driver was very professional and engaging, mentioning sites to see along the way.  The view from being higher up on the bus was stunning; as if I was seeing this otherwise familiar drive for the first time. Upon arrival at the tourist centre in Whistler I received coupons for the Scandinave Spa for ten percent off.  It was a quick and convenient ride in a cab to the spa and the cost was about $12.00. It would be a lovely walk however, if you don’t like walking, public transit is also an option.

 After a day of quiet lounging; back and forth from the cold pool to the hot pools, steam rooms, saunas, and walks in the wilderness while not speaking a word, (trust when I say the rule is taken seriously, I was hushed a time or two myself for merely whispering)! All of the spa activities left me exhausted and starving.  After heading back into the village for a little walk, some shopping, and dinner it was easy to meet The Epic Bus again and head back over the mountain.

The experience of taking the bus rather than driving was amazing.  The ability to enjoy company while enjoying the scenic ride without having to pay attention to the road was beautiful.  I highly recommend this fun day to anyone. Not including dinner in the village, the trip costs less than two hundred per person. (To save, one could bring their own food or picnic), The village is very costly but worth the treat which is why people travel from great distances, or fly from all over the world to visit Whistler. If you’re looking for an unconventional gift over the holiday season or for a birthday, anniversary or ”just because”; consider this one! It is bound to satisfy and you can also partake when you give the gift of adventure.  If you do, please let me know how you enjoyed it and share your experience!

Scandinave Spa, Whistler BC

Scandinave Spa, Whistler BC

Learning Can Be Fun!

What do you do as a small business owner to keep your Top Producing Employees stimulated and inspired to come to work??? It could be easier than you think!!

I recently had a professional experience that boosted the level of satisfaction for my job while re inspiring my Top Producing Employee. It made me see the importance of finding something fun within your industry to do and look forward to it. I chose a two day event hosted by Kevin Murphy and an amazing team of experts. I brought my most producing employee along who was thrilled. It helped that it was in Vegas, which in itself is always a treat!! When we came back to work we wanted to share what we learned. While we were away other employees had the opportunity to accomplish tasks on their own that may lead them to have similar opportunities to work towards. It is important to give employees a reason to want to continue to work hard. There is always upgrading of some sort happening within every industry. Combine learning with a little holiday and it can be like setting the refresh button.


Teaching is my passion and so is having fun. Laughter is love. 

The Game Plan for Thinning and Hair Loss.

My Game Plan for the Thinning and Hair Loss Client…

In a world that is thin obsessed with THIN this is one part of us that we want as BIG AND VOLUPTIOUS AND VOLUMOUS AS POSSIBLE PLEASE!

At work I notice a significant number of women of all ages losing hair.  When I say losing hair I don’t mean a strand here and there.  I am also NOT talking about losing hair when going from black or dark brown/ red to Instagram filter grey or silver blondes.  I am talking about unavoidable, unexplainable hair loss and thinning.  It can be absolutely devastating to be this person. The one that investigates the mirror and wants to see who they used to see before the hair loss took over.  Can you imagine watching the process…? now you see it; now you don’t.  Why is this happening? Why me?

As a professional Stylist it is part of our job, part of customer service and part of being considerate of our clients that we know how to address this in a non-threatening way.

The Milady Textbook of Cosmetology states that one that is thinning or losing their hair sees themselves as less attractive, may become depressive and isolate themselves from family and friends.  It is such a sensitive subject that one must tread softly.  As a professional I have my way of helping my clients and friends along the way, so they can take it in stride while being pro-active.  If we start the conversation when the symptoms of hair thinning, or hair loss start; should the symptoms become a problem for the client you are already a confidant that they trust to advise.  If you see it, they see it.  I have an approach A, B and C that I will share:

A. If the client is thinning based on stress, beginning or during menopause, hormones including men and women I will always start with our Ethical brand Stimulating or energizing Shampoo coupled with the Energizing Serum.  This is easy.  You shampoo, and you apply the Serum.  That’s it, anyone should be up for it.  It is not terribly expensive either!!

B. If the Ethical Shampoo and Serum does not do it, or it works to keep the thinning or hair loss at bay for as long as it can, but the problem is getting more obvious I may suggest a “semi-permanent” solution such as Hair Club.  Hair Club recently did a recruitment at FHTC including a demonstration.  They would assist in applying a hair pieceon your head and it will stay if you treat it with respect and go in for regular appointments to ensure it remains natural.  This is not a permanent solution.

C. The most permanent solution for anyone experiencing hair loss is a Hair Transplant.  This is done by a Doctor and is considered Day Surgery. I have always recommended Dr. Hasson and Wong in Vancouver.  The work over the years is incredible.  Some think of the term “Hair Plugs” or picture a bad hair transplant; we’ve all seen it.  Trust these things have come a long way. 

When you help your client to live their lives with a little less stress over how they look or when you see a client walk with confidence and talk with affection about themselves and their lives you will be glad you, too had a game plan for the thinning and hair loss clients.  When you can assist from the beginning of this road traveled by so many of our clients, maybe by the time their hair gets from thinning to loss they won’t mind because they are somewhat prepared.  They know they (and you as their Stylist) have done everything you could, and they may let it go.

Our clients build our success and we build our clients image both beauty and attitude. 

A Pug Love Story

We all know when two women fall for the same guy it doesn’t typically end well for all.  This is a different kind of love story.  One where I had the opportunity to share one of the longest loves of my life with another. Even after HE is gone, the love between myself and my dear friend Lucy is still here to remind me of my great, unconditional and endless love and what happens when you share the love.

As I looked across the table at my friend when we were having lunch I couldn’t help but feel grateful.  A haircut appointment that turned into a lunch which then to a few hours in the spa. None of this would have happened so easily if we tried to plan the same day in advance.  With a couple decades between us, Lucy and my friendship are as organic and spontaneous as she is.  I cherish our friendship and genuinely appreciate all her advice and wisdom.  I consider it a privilege to be called her family after many many years of getting to know each other through our mutual love for Lewis. In fact, I have made many of my Adult life decisions while thinking “What would Lucy say? “We share a bond. 

Like many relationships, ours with Lewis had to come to a physical end.  Seventeen and a half years later Lucy was strolling him along in a fancy stroller while I carried him like an infant, somehow feeling better about it as if he could perhaps start the aging process backwards.  Ok., I have always been a bit delusional…

I remember the incredible sadness I felt thinking of the news I had to bear to Lucy.  It had all happened so sudden.  I thought for sure I’d wait until she was home from her travels, but I just couldn’t.  I felt guilt as if I had anything to do with timing, as if one could time this. She wailed, cried like a hyena or some wild animal; I could not have prepared for it.  I thought I had it under control but when she asked about him and requested I bring him to see her the minute she arrived back in Vancouver I lost it.  I told her.  We were devastated.

Like many of our visits, the waitress was asking us about desert and it seemed we had only just started.  We soon realized we were late for the spa and didn’t care.  We talked about our mutual love.  We talked about how perfect he was, how unique to both of us he was.  He would wipe his feet at the front door before entering HER house…. but he would sleep in MY bed!!  We shared stories about how comforting he was to both of us during hardships.  We were both so lucky. 

As I was having my massage at the spa, I could not help but to think about how two lives could not be any different than mine and Lucy’s.  Surely, we would not be friends, never mind FAMILY if it was not for the love of the Champion Chinese Pug named Lewis.  We are forever grateful, and we will forever take care of each other now like we took care of Lewis.  Let your pet teach you patience and love the way Lewis taught us but also make friendships and relationships that will continue forever.  Having a connection to a dog can be a magical experience.