Who to trust?

Trust the Stylist or Friend….

The client is sitting in my chair and I suggest that it is time for his clearly dyed hair be removed and changed to a shade to shade and a half lighter, adding shine, transparency and ultimately looking more natural. 

He hesitates, asking me if he can think about it for the next visit.  Um, no, actually, this is the day I have decided it already.  I tell him that I wouldn’t be putting myself through a four hour vs. two hour appointment on a Friday night unless I felt very strongly about it.  My schedule is also one that does not often permit such an appointment time so as they say “Strike when the iron is hot”. 

The reason I continue to do clients is because it motivates me.  It inspires me to be a better stylist and also inspires me to create these things (hairstyles, colors, cuts) that come to me with ease for the most part.

I ask what would change between this appointment and the next one and he suggests it would give him time to ask his friends, boyfriend etc. their opinion. 

If you trust your stylist their opinion should top all!  To put this to the test I tried a little game of “How trustworthy are your friend’s opinions anyways”?  What is this, well, I already knew I had his best interest in mind, already knew that by following my recommendation was going to make all his dreams come true.  Understandably at times people also want the view of others.  I said if he didn’t LOVE it I would change it right back.  Of course I knew he would love it because I could not see myself ever changing someone’s hair I transformed back to what it was…I do what I have to do.

Without going into too much detail of how this transformation took place I will just say when the current color goes through the bleaching out process what is left is not pretty looking, usually all shades of awful orange, yellow and sometimes a few surprise spots.  What I had my client do is simply take a few selfies before coloring over the bleach out to send to his friends he trusts so much.  I had him suggest in the text that he likes his new color and needs some advice from those he trusts.  Trust me, this hair color was in between, it did not look good.  Some replies were “Oh, nice, I want to see it in person”.  Some others “Big change”, anything to avoid “What the F**K has you done?”

Why do you find a stylist that you trust and can rely on again?  Oh yeah, your friends, even lovers do not want to tell you the truth that’s why!!!  Maybe one out of three do, so if you are insecure you go with the ones that say negative and if your super secure you suggest to yourself that they may be tired of you looking so good (i.e.: girlfriend who cut all her hair off with regret suggesting her long beautiful haired friend do the same??  We all have one in our group)...

Ultimately he trusted me and what I knew his needs were as a client.  Communicating successfully is a chapter in theory I thoroughly enjoy teaching because I believe in it strongly!  When your client trusts you and you take the time to get to know their needs when it comes time for a change you will know what would work and the client knows that you have their back…and front….and sides J

PS  Of course the friends mentioned above said that they would have let him know later??  When is later?  Oh yes, of course, after he has his next change they will let him know how much they all hated it.