First week of Spring 2016

Who doesn’t love Spring??  It has always been like a rebirth to me and I am sure it has much meaning for others too, it’s obvious as people are walking around smiling and will more than likely say “hello” if they are not totally absorbed with their cellphones.

Spending time outside in the natural elements becomes a magnetic force as the days stay lighter longer.  Waking up in the light encourages morning activities as well.  It’s an all over lovely time of the year!!!

That said……on my morning (which is at 5:00 a.m. by the way) I had an interesting encounter that I feel compelled to share!! These days it’s rare enough that someone stops and chats especially on such an early morning walk.  I felt that it was special.

A gentleman was chatting with me about something called Naikan Therapy. This is a method of Self-reflection.  It is based on three questions:

  1.  What I have received from others today?

  2. What have I given to others today?

  3. What troubles and difficulties have I caused others today?


In theory today I had my students write the three questions on three separate pieces of paper.  We are all participating in an assignment where we will document some day to day encounters for the next week and review them as a group.  I believe that in time, there will be more and more writing about #2.  I believe that if everyone paid attention to these three questions we would notice more and more that it’s the small things we relish in… like the experience I had this morning that make a difference.  The more we focus our intentions on giving and about what troubles and difficulties we cause others the less self absorbed we will all be/live.


Naikan literally means “Seeing oneself with the mind’s eye”

The next time I see this man on my morning walk I will tell him how much he inspired me.  If someone has inspired you lately, let them know too!!