Inspiration Can Be Anywhere

I had the most inspiring experience at work the other day.  I was chatting with our Stylist while she worked on her client.  I thought the client was a client that had come to Future Hair Training Centre in the past but didn’t recognize her as a “regular” patron.  After walking away, I could hear her asking the Stylist questions about me, suggesting she knew me.  The Stylist then came to me saying “My client thinks she knows you”.  I approached her.  She was smiling, I knew it was a familiar face when she said “Luc Savard” to me.  I was instantly warmed to my soul. 

Luc was my end all be all Hair God.  He was my Mentor, my Confidant, my Teacher about hair but also fear, Arts, Fashion, you name it.  It is sad that Luc is no longer living today to see what I have achieved, as I know he would be proud.  I often see someone walking by the big windows at work and think it’s him for a moment in time. I have always felt his presence.  When I came to Vancouver he was my first job.  We were the perfect fit.  After I left him to find my own ways we were always in touch.  He was always there for me and me for him.  After going out on my own, I returned to work side by side this time as his partner by sharing the rent.  After that ended for me, not quite exciting enough I was not ready to be tied down quite yet and my desire for traveling while teaching Hairdressing was beginning.  I had no idea that years later, again I would pair with him in his death by starting my school in the space he would leave behind, the same space I started in years before!  I loved starting Future Hair Training Centre there (Broadway at Maple) because I felt his presence gave me strength every day.  That was the location that later had a fire (if you don’t know THAT story read my last blog!!)

The most wonderful thing was how candid the client was.  She straight out said that she was so very happy that it’s me, that I looked so fantastic for my age, and that she was loving the experience she was having in my business; she said that Luc would be so proud.  I was so touched.  It was the impression of me in my youth (the last memory of me she has was in 1989 by the way) that struck me.  She said I was Avant Garde which I thought was kind of cool.  I was very much into music and clubbing and I could see where she would think that because she was on the conservative side.  She had concerns for my well-being as well.  She was lovely, you could see how pleased she was that I had turned out well. 

As I told her about my business and a bit of personal story, I was so proud of how successful she saw me.  I was proud that she was also so proud and then the conversation went back to Luc Savard. I said that he was such a pivotal part of my success.  I said that without hearing his voice still in my head, not always kind as he was a Taurus like myself: swift, direct and honest.  No one is prepared for honesty all the time!!  Not always easy to hear but with Luc I would listen. It was then I realized what defines success for me.  It was then that I thought about what a privilege it is that so many students that we have trained at FHTC have told me that I have been that source for theml

I define success by those I have and will continue to help to achieve their own success.  They say people come into your life for a reason.  I believe that.  Even in passing, Luc inspires me to share with others the passion for Beauty Culture and Education to everyone I can with respect and love for what I do.  When I feel his hand pat me on the back at the end of a hard day I will know it was all worth it if someone out there feels the way I feel about Luc about me!!