Love Conquers Every Time

Today is a big day for me.  When I was given the news that the building that has occupied my business for the better part of 15 years is being demolished I was not without FEARS!  Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE my work.  I would never have lasted in education in British Columbia if I didn’t. 

As anyone with anxiety would understand, I had some decisions to make.  Not to suggest I have it all figured out, as I am not quite there yet!!  Back to today being such a big day....I am given the opportunity to “try on” a location that is big, super big, like 3700 square feet bigger than my current locations and bigger than my last.  The funny thing is that it’s the size of my original location many years ago which was set on fire and burned down in front of my eyes eight months into my first ten month class!!!!!!  Read my past blog on that story if you haven’t already!

Who (other than me) gets the opportunity to “try on a space”????  So blessed, so lucky.  I am excited and slightly overwhelmed which is why I mentioned it to a friend of mine that I often have meaningful and what I would consider deep conversations; honest, raw and always with enthusiasm and honesty.  When I was saying to my friend:  “What if it’s too big, what if I can’t handle it, what if our clients don’t follow.....” she said this:

We are led by two emotions:



Hummmm....ok.  that says it all.  It’s what turned my anxiety and wonder/worry into excitement and anticipation.  It also made me invite students, instructors, friends and family to come check out this location because I want to see what everyone thinks. I care about sharing what’s going on with Future Hair Training Centre with everyone that has helped to create this Beauty Culture that has grown like families do over the years.  My realization is quite simple.  When you allow FEAR to control you you will get what comes with FEAR which is stress, anxiety, fear itself not allowing you to move forward, ultimately stunting your growth.  Unless it’s at the PNE or a Haunted House for Halloween (scary movie etc. ), we don’t typically enjoy FEAR.  LOVE on the other hand comes with so much positivity.  Sounds so obvious as I write it but we don’t stop and ask ourselves “Wait, is this stress/anxiety etc. coming from FEAR OR LOVE?”  When I get stressed now I think of my friend”s words and ask myself what my FEAR is.  Then, I turn it around.  Most FEAR should probably be dealt with.  My FEAR was that this big dreamy space might not work out or be too much to handle.  My LOVE for my work, my wonderful support staff and student’s and of course loved ones are all so empowering that it gives me strength to say otherwise.   I don’t believe that ALL WE NEED IS LOVE. I do know that we need a lot more of it. I know that it is easier to receive great things from friends, family and the Universe by being guided by LOVE.  Share your dreams with those you love and it will grow like magic.  Believe you are worth it all, everything you want and it will happen.  Come from a place of LOVE not FEAR and pass that LOVE around!!  xox