Now that we are teaching Microblading (YAY!!!) I can’t help but to notice eyebrows; colours, shapes, sizes etc.  During our one week class I find myself constantly dreaming about eyebrows!!!!  

                While our coveted Laila was working on the Microblading Class, she noticed the trend of BIG bold fierce eyebrows, even masculine.  She told me I should write about it and I love to do what I am told, so here goes our theory on what’s happening and why:

Let’s face it, you can pretty much tell someone’s age based on their eyebrows if they are a woman. Most of the 70’s were skinny, 80’s were pretty big, somewhat like now…..but there’s something different about RIGHT NOW!!  I see BIG, I mean really BIG LOL.  It’s like everything going on in the world is really BIG!  It basically is; just think about who is leading a pretty BIG country right now.  It may be related.  Think about how BIG of a deal it is to have equality amongst both sexes.  I am sure everyone saw the photo of the Grandma on Facebook that was at a Woman’s March whose T-Shirt said something a long the lines of “I can’t believe I am doing this again!”  I am paraphrasing but it’s close and it’s so true!  Women are standing up loud and proud and their eyebrows are too.  I am here to support that.  I love the full eyebrow.  I wonder though, if the next decade will judge based on big eyebrows will theirs be small?  If so, will that mean that there will be peace and harmony and we (Canada) will be following suit to an existence like the Netherlands where we all have skinny eyebrows and peaceful lives.  We all hope so! xox

“I find nothing frames a face so beautifully, or gives an instantaneous lift quite like perfectly shaped eyebrows”