Microblading, the newest beauty trend.

Microblading: Everyone is teaching it, everyone is doing it, and everyone is getting it done!!

     For those of you who didn't know, Future Hair Training Centre has been hosting microblading classes! When it comes to bringing in an Instructor into my Centre, I am very picky about their experience, skill, and qualifications. After all, this is altering a persons physical appearance! When is comes to qualifications this may include hours spent on clients, classes or courses taken to master this new in demand craft, along with safety and sterilization. All participants in our classes know the ins and outs of being fully aware of infection control, the use of sterile needles, the practice of discarding all used materials, etc.

     I am not writing this as a testimonial as to why you should come to my Training Centre to learn this skill, I am writing this to offer a few words of advice so everyone interesting in learning has some educated questions to ask. I, as the owner of a school with 25 years of education experience; have done my homework and in doing so I have been surprised at some of the answers received from some of the businesses selling classes. Something I noticed is that there are all these people advertising that one will take a class by a Certified Instructor and the participant will learn in as few as two, three, or five days the art of Microblading. Which will allow them to charge $400.00-$600.00 per service, become certified, and open a business where they will be Instafamous in the industry.

      Microblading is an art form and something that can not be perfected over night, it takes years of skill and practice. How is it possible for anyone to take three to five days and become an expert? Even in hair dressing (which is not opening peoples skin, let alone working on their face) are hundreds of hours required to learn the craft at a BASE LEVEL. When I called one of the businesses advertising microblading to ask about the classes that they are offering all over the place, I asked 'who the instructors are certified by?' (common question I myself receive about our instructor) they seemed very confused. When I stated it was clearly written on the e-mail they had sent me, they responded with the company certified itself?? UMMMM, there I basically NO licensing in British Columbia. Along with Hair, Skin, and Nails, there is no association! Therefore, no licensing required. I find it concerning that all the businesses/instructors teaching Microblading say they are "Certified" yet when I ask by whom, they become confused?? I have come up with a few questions one should ask when doing their due diligence. This is after all changing someone's appearance permanently.

1) Who is the teacher and what are their qualifications? If they are Certified, by whom?
2) Where does the training take place? Is both theory and practical in the same location?
3) Is the instructor Blood Borne Pathogern trained? If so, by whom
4) How many years has the instructor been in business?
5) Where did the instructor train?
6) What Kit supplies do you receiver with the class?
7) Can you prove the certification of the instructor? As many people are counterfeiting others credentials and work.
8) Do the products come from China? There is no safety standards or regulations in this country?
9) Is there support after the class?