Maybe you have heard about the magnetic eyelashes?  Or maybe you haven’t been on Facebook for a while because it seems to be popping up constantly!!  Of course I had to try it out.  As the one that feels the need to keep going back for eyelash extensions whenever I am going on holidays then having regret for six months as they grow back at a snail’s pace! 

When I began obsessing over my lashes looking as amazing as they looked on Facebook with the magnetic lashes I couldn’t wait to order them.  I was thinking I would be wearing them every day for the rest of my life. Never again would I succumb to the urge to get again!!   YES!!!

Ok.. maybe I got a little carried away!  By the time they arrived I had watched several YouTube video applications and some made it look so easy some made themselves look so silly trying to put them on that I wondered if it was for show.  The first time I put them on it was relatively easy.  I flaunted around, posted a photo on all our Social Media and thought I found the ticket to success!!  Until the next morning when I couldn’t get them on to save my life!!  Ugh, three days later is this morning…..I spent about half hour trying with no success until “BAM” thought I got it, wore them for a couple hours and here I am writing this withOUT my magnetic lashes on because all I could see was them.  I had these thoughts of looking up from the desk to help a client and having them half on half off or worse lol.

I am not suggesting you NOT get them or try them because I really do like them. I would recommend every fashionista have a set on hand!!  I am just saying that they are not going to be my daily routine even if I do get used to putting them on.  I will wear them as much as I can and know that the ones from    One Two Lash (Instagram handle: @onetwolash are well made and great quality.  Sure to last me a long time.    They will be fun from time to time but I am pretty sure I will be trying to get eyelash extension appointments before my next tropical vacation again!!!