Welcome to my House..

If my house is a mess and I don’t have the time to take care of it in a timely manner it can really take over my mind!!  Honestly, when I go to work all I think about is my messy house, at the gym, everywhere and everything I do becomes about how I am going to get the house clean…

When I realized that a messy house is the root of anxiety/stress for me I started to wonder about my Mental House.  You know, the house in your head where all your anxieties, fears etc. live.  I am constantly cleaning that house lately. I take things one situation at a time, allowing myself to enjoy the journey along the way.  Just like taking out the garbage at home, I take out the garbage in my mind that may say “This is too much work”, “You can’t”, “You may fail” …and so on and so forth.  Just like tossing old fashion magazines into the recycling when I have learned all I can from them, I will toss out the negativity that can creep into my head during tough times and I will replace it with how I am going to make it better. 

This practice is a wonderful way of making things happen.  It is a way to live life in the moment, when change occurs, when momentum builds and when magic is seen.  When people tell me, I am always energetic and upbeat, seemingly in a good mood at work and ask what my secret is I say:  Keep your luggage empty so you can always be ready to fly to a destination that is offered to you at any moment, keep your house clean and keep your Mental House clean. Take out the garbage in your head that says you CAN’T, OR WON’T OR SHOULDN’T. Replace that garbage with fresh flowers, beautiful music and a head full of POSITIVITY, SELF LOVE AND SELF WORTH. Go from thinking you are NOT Capable to being more capable than you could have imagined.  There is no Maid Service for the Mental House so get it in order by utilizing the power you posses when you are treating yourself the way you deserve to be treated.  xoxo