My Day Trip to Whistler

I had an amazing day trip to Whistler recently! I hadn’t been to Whistler in a while due to the stress from the drive on the Sea to Sky Highway, and I don’t have snow tires because I don’t bother to drive when it snows. However, I had been hearing a lot of good things about The Scandinave Spa for so long and really wanted to check it out. I found an easy and affordable solution to checking out Whistler for the day without the stress of driving! I did my research and found that the Epic Bus would be the best option. I boarded the bus at the Hyatt Regent Hotel downtown Vancouver at ten in the morning.  The earliest option to leave was 8 o’clock so I pre-booked leaving Vancouver at ten, and arriving in Whistler at noon. Then, I pre-booked my ride to leave Whistler at seven and be home by nine in the evening.

 The ride there was simply breathtaking.  The Epic Bus driver was very professional and engaging, mentioning sites to see along the way.  The view from being higher up on the bus was stunning; as if I was seeing this otherwise familiar drive for the first time. Upon arrival at the tourist centre in Whistler I received coupons for the Scandinave Spa for ten percent off.  It was a quick and convenient ride in a cab to the spa and the cost was about $12.00. It would be a lovely walk however, if you don’t like walking, public transit is also an option.

 After a day of quiet lounging; back and forth from the cold pool to the hot pools, steam rooms, saunas, and walks in the wilderness while not speaking a word, (trust when I say the rule is taken seriously, I was hushed a time or two myself for merely whispering)! All of the spa activities left me exhausted and starving.  After heading back into the village for a little walk, some shopping, and dinner it was easy to meet The Epic Bus again and head back over the mountain.

The experience of taking the bus rather than driving was amazing.  The ability to enjoy company while enjoying the scenic ride without having to pay attention to the road was beautiful.  I highly recommend this fun day to anyone. Not including dinner in the village, the trip costs less than two hundred per person. (To save, one could bring their own food or picnic), The village is very costly but worth the treat which is why people travel from great distances, or fly from all over the world to visit Whistler. If you’re looking for an unconventional gift over the holiday season or for a birthday, anniversary or ”just because”; consider this one! It is bound to satisfy and you can also partake when you give the gift of adventure.  If you do, please let me know how you enjoyed it and share your experience!

Scandinave Spa, Whistler BC

Scandinave Spa, Whistler BC