The Game Plan for Thinning and Hair Loss.

My Game Plan for the Thinning and Hair Loss Client…

In a world that is thin obsessed with THIN this is one part of us that we want as BIG AND VOLUPTIOUS AND VOLUMOUS AS POSSIBLE PLEASE!

At work I notice a significant number of women of all ages losing hair.  When I say losing hair I don’t mean a strand here and there.  I am also NOT talking about losing hair when going from black or dark brown/ red to Instagram filter grey or silver blondes.  I am talking about unavoidable, unexplainable hair loss and thinning.  It can be absolutely devastating to be this person. The one that investigates the mirror and wants to see who they used to see before the hair loss took over.  Can you imagine watching the process…? now you see it; now you don’t.  Why is this happening? Why me?

As a professional Stylist it is part of our job, part of customer service and part of being considerate of our clients that we know how to address this in a non-threatening way.

The Milady Textbook of Cosmetology states that one that is thinning or losing their hair sees themselves as less attractive, may become depressive and isolate themselves from family and friends.  It is such a sensitive subject that one must tread softly.  As a professional I have my way of helping my clients and friends along the way, so they can take it in stride while being pro-active.  If we start the conversation when the symptoms of hair thinning, or hair loss start; should the symptoms become a problem for the client you are already a confidant that they trust to advise.  If you see it, they see it.  I have an approach A, B and C that I will share:

A. If the client is thinning based on stress, beginning or during menopause, hormones including men and women I will always start with our Ethical brand Stimulating or energizing Shampoo coupled with the Energizing Serum.  This is easy.  You shampoo, and you apply the Serum.  That’s it, anyone should be up for it.  It is not terribly expensive either!!

B. If the Ethical Shampoo and Serum does not do it, or it works to keep the thinning or hair loss at bay for as long as it can, but the problem is getting more obvious I may suggest a “semi-permanent” solution such as Hair Club.  Hair Club recently did a recruitment at FHTC including a demonstration.  They would assist in applying a hair pieceon your head and it will stay if you treat it with respect and go in for regular appointments to ensure it remains natural.  This is not a permanent solution.

C. The most permanent solution for anyone experiencing hair loss is a Hair Transplant.  This is done by a Doctor and is considered Day Surgery. I have always recommended Dr. Hasson and Wong in Vancouver.  The work over the years is incredible.  Some think of the term “Hair Plugs” or picture a bad hair transplant; we’ve all seen it.  Trust these things have come a long way. 

When you help your client to live their lives with a little less stress over how they look or when you see a client walk with confidence and talk with affection about themselves and their lives you will be glad you, too had a game plan for the thinning and hair loss clients.  When you can assist from the beginning of this road traveled by so many of our clients, maybe by the time their hair gets from thinning to loss they won’t mind because they are somewhat prepared.  They know they (and you as their Stylist) have done everything you could, and they may let it go.

Our clients build our success and we build our clients image both beauty and attitude.