We All Speak Hair….

Today I came back to work after arriving home from Beverly Hills California.   I was invited by my favorite fellow entrepreneur Jessica from Bombshell Beauty Bar to join her for the J. Beverly Hills Global 2019 New World Hair Show for a few days of fun and education.  Did I mention how easy it is to have fun in Hollywood??

I want to tell you about Stefano Bugada (@thereal_bugada) He and Emiliano Fratarcang (@emiliano. fratarcangeli) taught a Hands-On class we took which included two haircuts, three epic texturizing techniques and a colour application which was amazing.  I am big on education and I believe one should never stop learning.  The thing that was as unique as the techniques themselves was the fact that Stefano literally did not speak English.  My thoughts were: “How is this going to happen?” I do not understand ANY Italian! It turns out we all speak Hair! Help from his lovely team including Emiliano and others from the J. Beverly Hills helped the class along but at the end of the day it was the ability to relate over the love of education and hair.  It leaves me thinking that the coolest experience I have had in a while that deals with humans being open and loving to make things happen was taking this class.  The teacher taught so well because it was his mission to get the participants to love what they were learning, and it helped. After my inspiring days with J. Beverly Hills I came to work today and taught the haircut to my two newest students.  I thought if I could learn it without speaking Italian, my students could learn it from me, and they did amazing!!  They were so proud when I said I had learned the haircut the day before from amazing Platform Artists from Italy.  My students were inspired because I was.  Today I decided that I would look for inspiration in every client, from my students and from other Stylists’ who love to share what they know however they can with enthusiasm.  After all, hair is a beautiful language when spoken with love.