Not your grandmas perm

People have been asking about the “Beachy Waves”   I would love to clarify a few things about these beachy waves that you may not know! You may have FINE HAIR, you may have COARSE and or THICK HAIR.  It’s not all the same so here are some tips for ya:

It is easy to achieve a “natural”, “tousled”, “beachy” or “sexy” wave on fine hair.  I encourage you to have layers, these layers do not have to be extreme but are vital to the movement that makes the waves so “flowy”. It may include using hot tools such as curling irons or a round brush while blow drying or if that’s not your thing it can be created with a gentle body perm that may require some “scrunching” or encouragement.   This does not have to be a big deal if you don’t make it one. Perms these days are gentle and do not have to include ammonia or cause the damage your mother or grandmother’s perms did.  

If you have thick straight or coarse straight hair it starts with the haircut!!  Get layers, stop “thinning” the hair and get some soft layering with a body wave away from the scalp area.  If you are a thick haired person that had a perm in the 80’s or 90’s don't worry, things have changed.  Both in the perm itself as well as the way a Stylist goes about it.  Another great tip for thick coarse hair is to consider smoothing systems or ionizing the ends and or mid-shaft to create a “thinner” texture.

Come by FHTC for a consultation on what would suit your hair type. While you’re there don’t forget to  check out  the variety of Kevin Murphy and Eleven products including Killer Curls and Texture Spray for maintenance of these styles.