Ready, Set, Shoot!!

FHTC has been downtown for a year now and one of the highlights has been getting to know some of our talented neighbors.   When Nazir Ali of Proper Hair Lounge in Yaletown came by to say hello, we made fast friends.  When you look at his Instagram (@HairbyNazir) you see that he has a love for hair and the industry.  It also becomes obvious that he loves to share that love.

I saw photos from a photo shoot Nazir did with Vancouver Photographer Doris Thompson (@DorisThompsoPhotography) and the wonderfully talented Vancouver Make Up Artist Sharon Chen (mua.sharon_ca) and asked him if he would like to shoot at FHTC.  I knew it would be fascinating for the students to see what takes place behind the scenes of a shoot.  He was so open that we set a date and it was “Ready, set, action”!

The Make Up Artist, the Photographer, the Stylist and the Models came as ready as Nazir was.  The entire day was spent setting, dressing and styling the two models he chose with great skill.  It was so fun and exciting for the FHTC team to watch and participate.  These days are so inspiring and full of energy.  It is important to remain inspired in your job.  The photo shoot with Nazir is perfect for this. 

At the end of the day my favorite part of it all is CULTURE!  I am so grateful that Nazir came by and that we were both open enough to let our teams unite!! In a time where everyone is in love with their phone it was so epic that students, staff and friends came together for a few photos and a lot of laughs.  It always starts a little uncomfortable and stiff, but after a little time together the synergy between the models, photographer, make up artist and stylist was nothing but ease.  Nazir and his team may have much experience with this but came to FHTC with zero ego and a million ideas that fired out like cannons of color, fashion and collaboration.  I cannot wait until the next shoot.  This time, I, too will have a model.  Perhaps my model should, be YOU??  We can unleash the fashionista that you have inside all ready to roll……