Putting the unicorn to pasture for the summer....

Has the sun and saltwater already taken the unicorn out of your hair? Are you wondering where to go now that the magical colours have faded or washed away leaving your hair looking not so magical anymore?

You’re not alone.  The process it takes to get your hair to the fun colours we love so much can leave the hair with some dry ends at best.  Many have enough breakage on top to leave you running to your stylist for a pixie cut.  This is where the latest trend comes in: The Mullet-Shag!!!! You will see a lot of super cropped looks this summer which look somewhere between a shag and the infamous mullet combined to create a look that is longer in the bottom than top.  Before you judge; this is not your 1986 mullet or your 1970 shag; it’s the modern version.  It’s fun and somewhat cheeky.... for the modern-day fashion forward, who are not afraid to let their stylist be creative.  It’s creating a style around all the damage and split ends left behind by that damn unicorn that loved ya and left ya behind sooner than you may have been willing to let go. When you’re not ready to go pixy you don’t have to.   These looks can be the best of both worlds.... Are you willing to wear the Mullet- shag?