Something beautiful happened at Future Hair Training Centre.  This is a true story.

We have many clients, hundreds, maybe thousands. And this is what one did: 

This client has seen over twenty years so many of my students.  She has seen the work I do with Scholarships to Union Gospel Mission, The Cinderella Project and YMCA.  She has always been so openly respectful of my students, no matter where they come from, what they look like on the outside and she has never judged. She has heard stories from some of my students who have lived on the streets, provided for themselves and their families including their children who at times had no clothing, no food and no hope.  She has heard about struggles no one should have to endure!! She has met students who come to FHTC broken and without confidence leave with a whole new outlook on life and themselves and was always so impressed with the work we all do with these students.  She thought it was the biggest gift we could give. She wanted to do something.  She could have donated to a charity, she could have adopted a family at Christmas, but she wanted to do more than that and she wanted to remain anonymous! She asked for an ongoing list of students enrolled in our program.  At the end of the student’s 1500 hours I present them with an envelope.  I make it clear it is NOT from me or FHTC, but from an anonymous donor.  The envelope has a wonderful letter, as if written by a close friend or family member.  It talks about what a pleasure to watch my student grow it has been for her.  She puts cash into the envelope as well.  It is not a small amount.  The letter instructs the student to treat themselves to something special because they deserve it. 

This touches me deeply, and I am sure this story will touch anyone.  The client is not rich, not doing this to tell about it in hopes that someone will tell her how fabulous she is.  I don’t even know that she reads the blogs I write or if she will see this one day.  The most amazing thing is that she is not compelled to help my students out of anything but her human nature.  I love this.  Moving into 2018 I will be grateful for such people.  The people who make a loud difference in a quiet way.  What are you going to do in 2018 to help people feel that there is always hope?  We can all do something for someone 😊

Happy New Year.  May it be filled with love and compassion for everyone.