Street Thug Barbers

In a city like Vancouver we work hard play hard.  When Sunday rolls around it’s nice if the biggest decision to be made is whether to take a yoga or a spin class or have a lingering brunch…

 There is an entire world we may never have the chance to see in our own city.  We have all read about the Downtown Eastside or seen it in the news.  It is somewhat famous in it’s own right.

Last Sunday I spent a few hours with the Street Thug Barbers.  I pulled up to Oppenheim Park and pulled out my bag with all the supplies necessary for volunteering to do some haircuts with the boys.  Little did I know what a treat I was actually in for.  I lost count of how many haircuts I did.  Everyone was friendly and so respectful.  The best thing was that Cameron, Ross and Josh knew almost everyone in the park by name.


They gave out cigarettes, casually and openly talked about getting jobs and asking about what they could do to help to get people off the streets and into accommodations.  I am pretty sure they would give the shirts off their own backs if someone had asked.  The sense of community was heart warming.  Honestly and without any ego at all, the three Street thug barbers have captured the hearts of a community of people who some have forgotten or do not even notice!!!  We all have something to learn from these guys.  I am so proud to have them amongst our own community of Hairdressing in Vancouver.  I will be joining them again, as will my colleagues and students!!  Kudos to the Street Thug Barbers.  You guys really know how to live life and share your spirit.  Keep up the good work!!!!



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First week of Spring 2016

Who doesn’t love Spring??  It has always been like a rebirth to me and I am sure it has much meaning for others too, it’s obvious as people are walking around smiling and will more than likely say “hello” if they are not totally absorbed with their cellphones.

Spending time outside in the natural elements becomes a magnetic force as the days stay lighter longer.  Waking up in the light encourages morning activities as well.  It’s an all over lovely time of the year!!!

That said……on my morning (which is at 5:00 a.m. by the way) I had an interesting encounter that I feel compelled to share!! These days it’s rare enough that someone stops and chats especially on such an early morning walk.  I felt that it was special.

A gentleman was chatting with me about something called Naikan Therapy. This is a method of Self-reflection.  It is based on three questions:

  1.  What I have received from others today?

  2. What have I given to others today?

  3. What troubles and difficulties have I caused others today?


In theory today I had my students write the three questions on three separate pieces of paper.  We are all participating in an assignment where we will document some day to day encounters for the next week and review them as a group.  I believe that in time, there will be more and more writing about #2.  I believe that if everyone paid attention to these three questions we would notice more and more that it’s the small things we relish in… like the experience I had this morning that make a difference.  The more we focus our intentions on giving and about what troubles and difficulties we cause others the less self absorbed we will all be/live.


Naikan literally means “Seeing oneself with the mind’s eye”

The next time I see this man on my morning walk I will tell him how much he inspired me.  If someone has inspired you lately, let them know too!!



Home for a couple weeks now it’s a great time to reflect on the DE Experience.  Yes, for sure I will go again and I would definitely recommend it to any Stylist.  It was put together so well.  Going with Laila was already going to be positive at the least of expectation.  With two recent graduates of FHTC joining us***another leaving Vancouver to the Iberostar Hotel in Punta Mita Mexico ( ) it set the pace.  Imagine otherwise when I don’t know, maybe like 600 Hairstylists’ are at a stunning resort where it is all inclusive….yes, it’s basically whatever comes into your head!! Service was impeccable, everyone was so pleased. 


There were cocktail parties, 80’s theme party which had a live band that was very theatrical, as well as a wonderful display of creativity by Drea Lecher and Ben Mollin of the ISO team ( ) all within the first half of the week.  Meeting people that are most like minded.  All into education and vacationing (well, everyone is into vacationing) but again, it is a resort full of Stylists’.  So many lovely looking people running, stumbling, dancing, swimming, eating and drinking around.  Every morning was a class from ten to twelve thirty.  Perfect.  So much motivation taking place in a lovely large theater.  How can one not be inspired by the likes of Vivienne Mackinder and Trevor Sorbie??? ( )  These two are iconic in their own rights.  They focus on working hard and as the ISO fellow said “SHOW UP”.  They were so open about their personal selves.  Really so straight forward and honest and sincere.  Trevor Sorbie motivated me to get a little list of students that want to pop over to the Cancer Agency and work on their wigs regularly until we have a rotation going where every wig is ready at all times and someone is there to help patients. I was so moved to find out the amount of volunteer and selfless work this man does!!!  Truly a gentleman too.  He spoke of his wife and his sister with such honesty…not a dry eye when he was interviewed by Vivienne Mackinder( ) .   When Laila and I met Vivienne MacKinder we almost passed out.  I promised myself I would try to reach out and connect with people so it made sense at the time to approach her one evening and so glad I did.  She was so nice and welcoming.  We were star struck!   The night we saw and listened so intently to her talk was the best.  Laila our graduate Donna and I sat outside in front of the ocean and talked about hair and fashion and dreams for hours.  It was so lovely.  At this point I think Laila and I laughed and cried about two hundred times we were so excited and inspired.  I am always surprised at the moments that become those pivotal happy moments in your mind ...your go to’s for favorite moments.

What is a week of education without a little Neil Ducoff (Founder of Strategies) ) to remind us that good is not good enough.  I listened to his theory on a concept he refers to as Happiness also he has a level system 1-10 that really resonated with me and the way I like to do business….again, I was so inspired that at the end of his seminar I had to approach him and let him know that I was so moved by his No Compromise mentality!  He inspired us to the point where we immediately begin to implement what we learned.  Of course, some things we all know but need a little friendly reminder.  As a speaker, Neil Ducoff ( ) has a way of making accounting look almost fun..

The Iso team Drea Lecher and Ben Mollin ( ) really SHOWED UP!  First of all, they looked so good.  Drea Lecher could be a super model and Ben Mollin was very cool in a very cool kinda way.  We basically want to perm hair again, only we would never refer to a perm as a perm again or people may not get them.  That was a great tip.  Don’t refer to your perm as a perm, rather as the technique.  Brilliant.  Loved perming the hair that is sticking out of a large roller, securing the root to midshaft from the process…..tons of cool tricks.  I did not expect to be excited about perming (yay). 

Wrapping up the week with a white party was fitting.  Everyone had bonded to some degree, made friends, become fans of Joico even more.  The models the Joico team did were amazing.  Knowing Sherry and Jen made me even more proud to see the models look so incredible. 


All the grey and blues and metallic colors.  I remember bumping into Sherry and thinking how the hell can she be wearing a perfect crispy white top and not have a wrinkle or any color anywhere!!!!  Damn!  These girls worked it like consummate pros.  The Joico team is an inspiration in itself.  It was only right that they did the finale of all finale!!  Beauty meets avante garde. Color extraordinaire Sue Pemberton. ( ) So straight to the point and honest.    And the fellow that works so well next to her,  the aloof and ever so professional and composed Martin Hillier. ( ) So excited to recommend students try to assist or work at the Lounge in Vancouver because to work under him would surely inspire anyone. 

After all of that excitement 24/7 it can be a little shocking coming home and not having a buffet at your disposal, room service etc. etc.  The fond memories, chats, walks, drinks and endlessly making new friends is something that will last.  The key is to keep in touch with the people you meet especially at like minded events.  Something Vivienne MacKinder reminds me of is that people must bring and keep other people up.  Part of that is keeping each other inspired.  We have focused on Inspiration and what inspires us in theory for the past two weeks.  Best way to stay passionate about what you do is by remaining current and continuing your education!  If your not inspired go hang out somewhere that you will be inspired.  A love of mine once told me: You cannot fix a flower if it’s not blooming, you have to change it’s environment


Kevin Murphy Class


We had an amazing class today by GOLD KEY KEVIN MURPHY EDUCATOR xxx KELLI CHAN. She was very knowledgeable in her one of our salon's favorite lines.. KEVIN MURPHY! They are an australian line which is sulphate & paraben free as well as PETA approved ( no animal cruelty in the making of this product ! 



KELLI CHAN demonstrates KEVIN MURPHY products for a STYLE

KELLI CHAN demonstrates KEVIN MURPHY products for a STYLE



"We are so happy we had the opportunity to attend a Kevin Murphy session today with Kelli Chan! ✨✨✨She is a fantastic instructor. Knowledgeable, very observant, complimentary of techniques and what is currently in trend. ✅ This class has certainly peaked our student's interest to learn and pursue more. What a delight it was to attend a class hat was not only fun, but taken seriously by the Educator. Our favourite part was being able to listen and watch a professional who you can tell truly enjoys her profession and takes pride in it. Thank you to Kelli Chan from SWEET STYLING for such a great experience! "





December, 2015 -

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Kevin Murphy XMAS 2015

Looking for the perfect gift for your mum, girlfriend, sister, cousin?


For this CHRISTMAS SEASON, we have stocked in on our KEVIN MURPHY CHRISTMAS PACKS.

Featured in our volumizing 'ANGEL DOO OVER' package: 100ML DRY FINISHING HAIRSPRAY. This 'hair-doo' in a can is a dry finishing spray with holding power. (Perfect finishing for those looking for a VA-VA-VOOM VOLUME)

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HairShow with Schorem Haarsnijder En Barbier

Future Hair participated in an amazing event of the Schorem Haarsnijder En Barbier

aka the scumbag barbers of Rotterdam


Here is a quick glance of the show...

Reuzel show tickets !!! @ the biltmore hotel

Reuzel show tickets !!! @ the biltmore hotel

Right as we enter the venue, they provided us with a shot of JackDaniels whiskey + holland's finest pomade #reuzel !

Right as we enter the venue, they provided us with a shot of JackDaniels whiskey + holland's finest pomade #reuzel !

Some action shots of these amazing old school barbers demo-ing their love for their craft of art !

Some action shots of these amazing old school barbers demo-ing their love for their craft of art !

We also bought a STEP by STEP instructional DVD from the scumbag barbers as inspiration to help us plan ahead for a soon to come course we have in the works !

We love to keep up with the modern as well as old school techniques

If you are interested in the #REUZEL #POMADE ...

we have it available in stock (PIG size) for $20+tax retail 

OR complimentary for styling after a student hair service with us at Future Hair Training Centre

            Matte finish OR Sheen finish available for all looks

           Matte finish OR Sheen finish available for all looks

Who to trust?

Trust the Stylist or Friend….

The client is sitting in my chair and I suggest that it is time for his clearly dyed hair be removed and changed to a shade to shade and a half lighter, adding shine, transparency and ultimately looking more natural. 

He hesitates, asking me if he can think about it for the next visit.  Um, no, actually, this is the day I have decided it already.  I tell him that I wouldn’t be putting myself through a four hour vs. two hour appointment on a Friday night unless I felt very strongly about it.  My schedule is also one that does not often permit such an appointment time so as they say “Strike when the iron is hot”. 

The reason I continue to do clients is because it motivates me.  It inspires me to be a better stylist and also inspires me to create these things (hairstyles, colors, cuts) that come to me with ease for the most part.

I ask what would change between this appointment and the next one and he suggests it would give him time to ask his friends, boyfriend etc. their opinion. 

If you trust your stylist their opinion should top all!  To put this to the test I tried a little game of “How trustworthy are your friend’s opinions anyways”?  What is this, well, I already knew I had his best interest in mind, already knew that by following my recommendation was going to make all his dreams come true.  Understandably at times people also want the view of others.  I said if he didn’t LOVE it I would change it right back.  Of course I knew he would love it because I could not see myself ever changing someone’s hair I transformed back to what it was…I do what I have to do.

Without going into too much detail of how this transformation took place I will just say when the current color goes through the bleaching out process what is left is not pretty looking, usually all shades of awful orange, yellow and sometimes a few surprise spots.  What I had my client do is simply take a few selfies before coloring over the bleach out to send to his friends he trusts so much.  I had him suggest in the text that he likes his new color and needs some advice from those he trusts.  Trust me, this hair color was in between, it did not look good.  Some replies were “Oh, nice, I want to see it in person”.  Some others “Big change”, anything to avoid “What the F**K has you done?”

Why do you find a stylist that you trust and can rely on again?  Oh yeah, your friends, even lovers do not want to tell you the truth that’s why!!!  Maybe one out of three do, so if you are insecure you go with the ones that say negative and if your super secure you suggest to yourself that they may be tired of you looking so good (i.e.: girlfriend who cut all her hair off with regret suggesting her long beautiful haired friend do the same??  We all have one in our group)...

Ultimately he trusted me and what I knew his needs were as a client.  Communicating successfully is a chapter in theory I thoroughly enjoy teaching because I believe in it strongly!  When your client trusts you and you take the time to get to know their needs when it comes time for a change you will know what would work and the client knows that you have their back…and front….and sides J

PS  Of course the friends mentioned above said that they would have let him know later??  When is later?  Oh yes, of course, after he has his next change they will let him know how much they all hated it.