Cynthia Skabar

Internationally trained, been doing hair since 1987.    Started FHTC in 1994.  It happened very organically and I have never looked back! I have never done anything other than hair and in any aspects that came my way.  Worked for an international company as an Educator for a number of years, traveling while passing on my skills to others, film and tv, fashion are all areas I have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy.  It will always be all the Hairdressing chairs I have stood behind that got me started and for that I am greatful to have been taught by the best and have the desire to teach with the same integrity as I was so lucky to have experienced. 

Students say that I have a way of teaching how to cut, style, color and manipulate the hair in the most simple of ways.  It comes easy to me.  I understand Hair and Beauty culture and I love to pass my understanding on.  Creating beauty with my students is what makes up a huge part of who I am and what my purpose is.  I am lucky to have discovered my calling at a young age.  There is not much I haven’t done in the industry.  As long as there is Hair I will be doing it!!  It was my first job and will always be my passion.

Started FHTC in 1994.  Has never done anything other than hair and in all aspects.  Worked for an International Company as an Educator for a number of years, traveling while pursuing the passion for passing on her skills to others.

Other Instructors

I have been fortunate enough to call on past graduates to come and pass along their experiences in the industry as well. I have sought after Educators that I know are relatable and inspiring to anyone learning. After all, it is a life time mentor-ship when you join FHTC.

Laila Gervais

Laila is the artists’ artist! Whether it’s canvas, a face or a head of hair she will transform it. She fills our training centre with enthusiasm and positivity like no other. Students love her, clients love her and all staff love her! The perfect blend of B.C. Bohemian and professional integrity that is seen, heard and admired every day.



Yves is our Instructor specializing in Barbering. French Canadian born and raised in Montreal Yves has a flair for fashion, hair and art. He has been hair for over 40 years. In that time he has worked with CBC, as a Salon Owner and Educator. Find him at FHTC teaching Art when he is not teaching Hair.